How to Bid

Please read information for buyers.

In Person:

To bid at a sale, all potential purchasers need to register with us first, and then you will be issued a card with your buying (or “paddle”) number to bid with.

Live Online Bidding:

You can bid via, but you will need to register with them first. You can bid live whilst the sale is actually going on, as if you were in the room, or you can leave an “autobid” with them, if you cannot get to a computer when the sale is on. Please be aware that the do charge an extra 4.95% commission.

Bidding by Telephone or Email:

Telephone 01308 459400

Bidding by Email:

You can leave commission bids with us, via email or telephone, but we will need your address and telephone no. Telephone bids can be arranged for higher value lots, but you will need to book a telephone line in advance.

A bid by these methods is accepted at the senders risk.