Antiques & Collectables Sale on Friday 27th August 2021
starts at 10.00am

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1.      Vintage clothing: Quantity of vintage scarves and gloves £10-20
2.      Large quantity of vintage and retro fabrics, most patterned and brightly coloured, including tablecloths, a Mary Quant sarong, pair of dogtooth pattern bed covers and 1960s Pop Parade curtains designed by Frieda Clowes £30-50
3.      Two wheelback carver chairs £10-20
4.      Vintage clothing: Assorted vintage handbags and clutch bags £10-15
5.      Vintage Clothing: A Nigerian ceremonial cotton gown with crewel-work decoration and similar trousers and two similar printed dresses
6.      Composite oil paintings of Lyme Regis Harbour, by R. Soam, signed £20-40
7.      Assorted china and glass including Hummel figures and others £10-20
8.      Three Art Deco scallop clam shell Odeon style smoked glass ceiling lights and four similar wall lights £40-60
9.      Victorian oak cased mantle clock with arched dial £20-40
10.     Large cast bust of an Oriental woman deity £10-20
11.     Assorted china and pottery (one shelf) £5-10
12.     Assorted china and pottery (one shelf) £5-10
13.     Quantity of assorted metal ware including Persian silver inlaid copper dish, similar vase on stand, silver plate and brass candlesticks £15-30
14.     Army tin helmet, cardboard pith helmet, a large tourist Jambiya in decorative scabbard £20-40
15.     Edwardian vaseline glass ceiling light shade and three others £15-30
16.     Assorted cameras and accessories £10-15
17.     Large collection of children's annuals £20-30
18.     Books on Railways and a quantity of CD recordings of steam engines £10-20
19.     Quantity of vinyl singles records including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Cliff etc, over 100 £10-20
20.     Assorted ornaments (one shelf) £5-10
21.     Assorted ornaments (one shelf) £5-10
22.     Majolica corn on the cob dish, large similar plate, another and two Royal Worcester tureens £30-40
23.     Shelf of assorted china etc £10-20
24.     Large quantity of moulded glassware £10-20
25.     Three boxes of assorted linen £10-15
26.     Mahogany three fold dressing table mirror £10-15
27.     Assorted items including cigarette case with lighter £10-20
28.     Minton's blue and white china cabbage strainer and a set of meat platters (A/F) together with two tureens and platters £20-40
29.     Bakelite hair dryer, two bakelite View Master with cards, a wooden table lamp and other items £10-20
30.     Collection of old bottles including minerals from Bridport and Weymouth, stone and glass jars (two shelves) £10-20
31.     1930s Sylvac green pottery jug, Dartmouth pottery flower vases and other jugs and vases £20-30
32.     Victorian copper coal helmet, pair silver plate table lamps, 19th century pewter quart tankard and Middle Eastern metalware £30-50
33.     Vintage Clothing: Man's Dress Suit, another similar with tails, camel hair coat, a 'Convoy Coat' of England Duffel coat and a Dunbar fur coat £25-45
34.     Case of assorted jazz vinyl LP's £15-30
35.     Quantity of vintage dress patterns - Simplicity and Butterick, etc. £5-10
36.     Two bagatelle games, child's table skittles game and a hoopla wall game £5-10
37.     Large collection of classical vinyl LP's £20-30
38.     Victorian blue and white transfer printed warming plate, hand painted china tureen and other china £20-40
39.     Modern pine jewellery chest of drawers or coin collector's cabinet £15-20
40.     Case of jazz vinyl LP's £20-30
41.     Wedgwood Winter Bouquet vase, a Grimwades lustre bowl, a Maling lustre dish and other china £10-20
42.     Victorian embroidered lacework bib, Victorian silk and lace with other lace, bobbins and dress patterns £20-30
43.     Various poetry books including A Notebook of Thoughts by Richard Bartelot of Sussex £15-30
44.     Sixteen various books £10-20
45.     Eight Sylvac vases and jugs
46.     Collection of coloured glass vases £10-20
47.     Art Deco Burleigh pottery jug, a Shelley vase, a Poole green pottery two handled pot, a Wade jug, Sadler jug and others (10) £30-50
48.     A collection of old booklets relating to books, libraries and manuscripts £10-20
49.     Mason 'Strathmore' dinnerware including two tureens £10-20
50.     Victorian Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed meat platters (3) and a large round plate £20-30
51.     The Brittania Games Compendium, Chad Valley Escalado board game, two others and jigsaws £10-20
52.     A 1930s Bingoscope 8mm film projector, another similar (maker unknown) and some films including Charlie Chaplin and steam trains £20-30
53.     Large collection of old assorted sepia and black and white wedding and group photos £40-60
54.     Approximately 100 'Mad' Magazines, c. 1970s/80s £40-80
55.     1960s comics: Superboy (No. 122), Superman (Nos. 183,185, 187, 193) and others similar including Astounding Stories, Out of This World, Voodoo, House of Secrets etc £20-40
56.     Large quantity of assorted old cutlery etc, including silver plate cake knives and forks, bone handled knives £20-40
57.     Shelf of assorted Dolphin ornaments and others £10-20
58.     Sylvac Bizarro vase and other similar Art Deco pottery jugs and vases (17) including Poole pottery celadon pot £20-40
59.     A Resistol cowboy hat in box, a bowler hat and a tin trunk £10-20
60.     Two carved hardwood African heads and a similar Ibis bird carving £5-15
61.     Assorted paper ephemera and several photograph frames £10-30
62.     A large fleet of Atlas Editions battleships and aircraft carriers £30-50
63.     Assorted paper ephemera including Festival of Britain guides, motor car manuals for Ford Popular, Anglia etc, several issues of 'The Red Maids School Magazine' together with replica WW2 posters and a soft toy Gus Honeybun £20-30
64.     Two shelves of assorted china and pottery including Price of Kensington, chicken etc £20-30
65.     Vintage Clothing: Dresses by Rembrandt 'Maryon' and 'D. Lynn' and others including musquash coat and assorted fur collars and muff £40-60
66.     Assorted books on the countryside, including Nicholson's Country series, Irish Cottage and Old English Farm Houses £10-30
67.     Assorted vintage fabrics and a pair of retro curtains £20-40
68.     Three shelves of assorted books £10-20
69.     Large quantity of auction catalogues £5-15
70.     A Baile piano accordion (120 Bass) with case £80-120
71.     Vintage clothing: 1940's and 1950's dresses, 1970's maxi dress etc. (some damage) £40-80
72.     A large Keith Reynolds 25 colour serigraph titled "At Rest", 275/495, image size 22" x 33", frame size 31" x 42" £50-100
73.     Hand painted tiles, mural from an old butchers shop depicting Highland cattle in a stream (fixed to panel) £50-100
74.     Pair Victorian maple framed chromolitho prints of schoolboys and teachers £10-30
75.     A President quartz Westminster chimes pendulum wall clock in mahogany case (working) £30-50
76.     Japanese print of a ladies bath house £20-40
77.     Amusing angling caricature colour lithograph, 203/450, signed by Joon (American), 19" x 22". Together with a colour print of children on a see-saw after Muriel Dawson £10-20
78.     Two charcoal life studies and two watercolours £10-30
79.     Victorian oil on canvas of Bamburgh Castle by W. HEBBLE £40-60
80.     A Sandy Gore colour print of Weymouth Harbour, signed in pencil, 36/850, 24" x 30" framed, together with a contemporary original oil on canvas of a coastal scene Mudeford Quay by Harley Crossley, signed lower left, 15" x 27" £40-60
81.     Two framed colour prints of teddy bears and dolls after Deborah Jones £20-40
82.     Three framed colour prints of teddy bears and dolls after Deborah Jones £20-40
83.     Two oils on board by P. GREER, one of Ty Coch Inn £15-30
84.     Set of 4 colour prints of female nude studies monogrammed, numbered and titled, 20" x 15" each £10-30
85.     Old framed Indo Persian white metal and enamel necklace together with an Asian silvered and embossed tin picture £40-50
86.     Oil on canvas copy of a Pears print with girl looking at fish bowl. Monogrammed G.M. and dated July 14 1897 £20-40
87.     Pair of Edwardian marine watercolours monogrammed G.W. £40-60
88.     Oil on board of a Welsh coastal scene by P. GREER £50-100
89.     Dutch oil on canvas of a rural scene by A. WILKENS, 20" x 30" (small tear) £40-60
90.     Large print of a nude woman after Picasso £20-40
91.     Rectangular wall mirror with peach coloured faux marble frame, 39" x 27" and another mirror £30-50
92.     Keith Reynolds, a limited edition colour print titled "Mykonos", signed in pencil, lower right and numbered 48/495, frame size 27" x 41" £50-100
93.     Keith Reynolds, a large colour print 72/495, titled "Sea Shack", image size 14" x 28", signed in pencil, 24" x 37" frame size £40-60
94.     Impressionistic oil on board of jungle trees by John Charrington £20-40
95.     Brass shop door plates for Arthur Scull, Engineers and an enamel sign reading "Agency for Road Transport and General Insurance Company Limited" £30-50
96.     19th c. sailor's woolwork picture of frigate in a maple frame, 18" x 19" £100-200
97.     Framed replica LNER, railway poster, 26" x 17" £10-20
98.     Small Edwardian oil on canvas of shipping by Edwin Knight (1906-) £80-120
99.     Albert Moulton FOWERAKER (1873-1942), watercolour of the seafront at San Roque, Spain, 15" x 17" inc. frame £150-250
100.    Albert Moulton FOWERAKER (1873-1942) watercolour of San Roque village by moonlight, 16" x 17" inc. frame £150-250
101.    Large lithographic stone with images of engineers diagrams, 24" x 17" £50-100
102.    Lithographic stone having engineers diagrams, 20" x 15" £50-60
103.    Watercolour of Sydling Church from fields by John Grant £20-40
104.    Impressionistic WW1 watercolour of damaged building indistinctly signed P. Hook or P. Wool £50-100
105.    Pair of small oils on board of continental town scenes, signed W. Finney £20-40
106.    Pair of watercolours of sailing vessels £20-30
107.    Acrylic abstract painting on canvas by Ray Goodin dated '04, 30" x 30" £20-60
108.    Large 19th c. maple framed sailor's woolwork picture of a ship of the line, 23" x 30" £300-500
109.    A Sandy Gore watercolour of Weymouth Harbour, c. 1985 £20-40
110.    Keith Reynolds colour print of "Quiet Harbour", signed and with COA verso, image size 16" x 30", framed £40-60
111.    Three abstract works by Ray Goodin, acrylic and metallics on paper, signed mounted and framed in light oak £60-80
112.    Victorian watercolour of a coastal scene by Robert Nottingham (b. 1800), signed and dated 1867, 11" x 22", inc. frame and mount £40-60
113.    Pair of humorous watercolours of characterful beachgoers at Weymouth by local artist, John Lee, c. 1992 £40-60
114.    An oil on canvas copy of "Waffles" by Lubin Baugin (1610-1663) £10-20
115.    19th c. Grand Tour watercolour of an Italian peasant woman dated 1824 and monogrammed W.J. £50-80
116.    Two Indo-Persian watercolour paintings of temple scenes with figures £50-100
117.    Victorian etching of ruins signed in pencil by V. Ferraro and another of a windmill £10-20
118.    Victorian oil on canvas of fishermen hauling long lines in rough seas, 22" x 27" inc. gilt frame £50-100
119.    Large watercolour of Polperro Harbour signed Thomson dated '72 £20-40
120.    Watercolour of a garden border by R. Austen £40-60
121.    Pair of watercolours of West Bay by Renford £20-30
122.    Pen and ink studies of faces etc. by Richard Palmer £10-20
123.    Four small topographical watercolours, framed £20-30
124.    No lot
125.    14ct gold ring (marked as 585) set with blue stones (approx UK size N) £20-40
126.    Cased Sterling silver sardine fork and shovel, hallmarked for Sheffield, 1922, Lee & Wigfull
127.    Three un-circulated Jamaican 10 Dollar banknotes with consecutive serial numbers, unused booklet of 36 stamps from 1968, 1902 Rowntree's Chocolate Coronation tin and an Italian silver coin £15-30
128.    Boxed Sterling silver and amber necklace and earrings set, from The Amber Centre, London £15-25
129.    Cap badges and other military items, enamel badges, ARP whistle and silver badge, in box £30-50
130.    Collection of vintage earrings and other jewellery £15-30
131.    Antique coins, Coastguard Coast Life Saving Corps enamel badges etc £15-30
132.    Six 9ct gold pairs of earrings set with various stones £60-80
133.    Vintage 9ct gold box chain and pendant, both hallmarked as 9ct, Tree of Life pendant in the modernist style, approx 18.5g £200-250
134.    19th century finely carved figural Chinese ivory box with pierced Tangram puzzle contents, c. 1850, 5.5cm square £50-100
135.    19th century finely carved ivory purse decorated with grapes and grapevine, most likely French Dieppe, monogram under and silk-lined, marked as BREVETE SGDG £30-50
136.    Miniature porcelain Seagulls and a small brass pig dice shaker with hinged head £15-30
137.    19th century ivory card case with finely carved figural panels £60-80
138.    Japanese Shibayama whist or bezique marker decorated with insects and birds, Meiji period £30-50
139.    Green marbled Mentmore and Parker Vacumatic fountain pens, together with a Parker brushed steel 61, and two ballpoints £30-50
140.    Vintage ladies Tag Heuer wrist watch £40-80
141.    800 Silver pocket watch, brooch and vintage buttons £15-30
142.    19th century finely pierced ivory card case carved in the Persian manner £25-50
143.    18ct gold solitaire diamond ring in a platinum setting, approx UK size 'O' and 2.5g £50-100
144.    Hallmarked silver fob pencil holder and a rolled gold miniature chatelaine propelling pencil (A/F) £10-20
145.    Edwardian novelty Sterling silver brooch the shape of an ice skate blade, by Crisford & Norris, marked C & N STERLING £20-40
146.    9ct gold fancy link necklace, approx 17.5" long and 17g £200-250
147.    Good lot of badges including military cap badges, enamel thimbles, medallions and some silver bits £30-50
148.    Assorted coins, including Victorian and Georgian examples £15-25
149.    Assorted vintage costume jewellery including Sterling silver necklaces, earrings etc £20-40
150.    Vintage Sterling silver charm bracelet with plenty of charms, some opening and including an enamel Festival of Britain charm, approx 71g £25-50
151.    19th century Chinese finely carved figural ivory wall plaque in wood surround (some small splashed paint marks), plaque approx 2" wide £30-50
152.    Two diamond and sapphire rings, one 9ct, marked as 375, the other rose gold, unmarked, approx, 6.5g in weight, newer ring approx. UK size 'P', older (some wear) Q-R £50-80
153.    Pair of antique papier mache table snuff boxes, with transfer printed circus scenes, depicting camel, ostrich, elephant, etc. 19th c. £30-50
154.    Freshwater pearl and malachite bead necklace with 9ct gold clasp in antique case £40-60
155.    Arts and Crafts or Art Nouveau jade and gold leaf shaped brooch set with seed pearls £30-50
156.    Oceanic engraved and carved green stone fish together with two Chinese carved stone plaques £20-40
157.    9ct gold and cultured pearl brooch fully hallmarked - maker "MH"?, weight approx 4g £40-60
158.    Three sterling silver rings £10-30
159.    9ct gold and pearl brooch (one pearl loose but present) £25-35
160.    Assortment of lighters, pen and pocket knives, pipe cleaning tools, cigarette holder in case, etc. £20-40
161.    Vintage and modern costume jewellery, inc. bead necklaces and a BD of Denmark elephant brooch £15-30
162.    Tin containing badges, buttons, coins, etc. £10-20
163.    Two small sterling silver topped cut glass jars, a Victorian engraved silver brooch and a hallmarked silver scent bottle case with repoussé decoration £30-50
164.    Assorted vintage silver jewellery, earrings, bracelets, brooch, etc. £15-25
165.    18ct scrap gold ring in old box, other 9ct gold jewellery, earrings and snake necklaces, approx. total weights - 18ct ring (some stones) - 3.3g, 9ct gold - approx. 11g £160-220
166.    Collection of thimbles, including silver examples, a guilloche enamel thimble and Royal Worcester £40-50
167.    New Zealand Pounamu or green stone and 9ct gold large heart shaped pendant £35-50
167A.   Pearl earrings with screw backs marked as 22k, with another pair, Art Deco style, 9ct in a Liberty case £90-120
168.    Old silver coins and two Georgian tokens - silver weight approx. 198g £60-80
169.    Gold and diamond Art Deco stick pin, with another - silver, set with a large citrine £20-30
170.    1970's -1980's vintage costume jewellery £10-20
171.    Quantity of vintage costume jewellery £10-20
172.    Lot of antique and vintage jewellery, inc. Sekonda wrist watch, Maireener type shells, silver items, Egyptian scarab enamel sterling silver earrings, Windermere Stanhope, 19th c. ivory needle case, silver thimbles, etc. £30-50
173.    Three handwritten letters (1953, 1954, 1957) on Green Hedges headed notepaper from Enid Blyton to publisher R.C. Noel Johnson of Ricordi & Co. together with their typewritten replies. The correspondence mentions her attendance at live performances/recordings of "Noddy in Toyland" and refers to the publishing of "The Noddy Song Book" £200-400
174.    Assorted costume jewellery £10-20
175.    Vintage costume jewellery £15-30
176.    WW2 three medal group consisting of the War Medal, France and Germany Star, and the Defence Medal. All in original packaging - for James Christie Ross £40-60
177.    WW2 four medal group consisting of the War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star, and the Burma Star. All in original packaging for Raymond Stanley Rhodes RAF £40-60
178.    Costume jewellery £15-30
179.    Antique jewellery, some silver in a cash tin £30-50
180.    Large quantity of costume jewellery £10-20
181.    Large quantity of costume jewellery £10-20
182.    Antique and vintage jewellery in a tray, inc. shell cameos, Victorian pinchbeck brooch, four CWS advertising sewing thread cases, etc. £20-40
183.    Assorted cased costume jewellery, inc. Swarovski £15-30
184.    Sterling silver jewellery, some designer, by Sheila Fleet of Orkney £30-60
185.    Enamelled spoons and other cutlery, photo frame, etc. £20-30
186.    Large jewellery box containing vintage jewellery and wrist watches, inc. Sekonda, Avia, Lanco Sport, some silver bits £20-40
187.    19th c. Indian finely carved ivory Ganesh on wooden stand (A/F) £30-50
188.    Silver tea strainer hallmarked for Sheffield 1925, Pinder Brothers, approx. 37g £80-120
189.    Inuit decorated reindeer bone in the Scrimshaw style - featuring teepee, etc. £25-35
190.    Silver plated grape scissors and an ornate white metal apple corer £25-40
191.    Three antique Chinese carved ivory figures (19th c.) - and another similar £30-50
192.    Mid century Walter Bosse or Hagenauer blackened brass baby elephant £10-20
193.    Chinese coral snuff bottle decorated with carved roses, approx. 8.5cm high £20-40
194.    Continental porcelain trinket box decorated with a hand-painted cupid to lid £15-30
195.    Chinese carved malachite figure on wooden stand £80-120
196.    Chinese porcelain, blue and white double gourd vase decorated with birds and flowers, approx 13cm high £60-80
197.    Chinese archaic bronze censer, approx 9.5cm high £100-200
198.    Small 3-legged Chinese bronze censer, approx. 7.5cm high £80-120
199.    Chinese bronze censer with ornate applied dragon and foo dog decoration, approx. 12cm high £50-80
200.    Chinese porcelain vase with raised figure decoration and Qianlong mark to base, approx. 14cm high £80-120
201.    Three Yixing and pewter Chinese teapots - marks under £50-80
202.    Antique doll's house miniature sterling silver tea set on tray - most pieces c. 1905 - Levi & Salaman or Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings. Tray later in date. (6 pieces), approx. 29g total £40-60
203.    17th c. Italian Maiolica Deruta tazza, handpainted with grotesque creatures etc. around a central bust (A/F), approx. 21.5cm diameter £200-400
204.    Antique doll's house miniature sterling silver items, inc. trophies, tray, goblets, actual size tot cup, milk churn, chocolate pot and milk jug (both .800 silver), rest hallmarked for early 20th c. apart from bird cage (unmarked) - 9 pieces, approx. 83g weight £50-80
204A.   Sterling silver repoussé pin tray with a four piece doll's house miniature tea set - total weight approx. 32g £30-50
205.    Large silver scallop shaped dish standing on 3 feet, with pierced and chased decoration. Hallmarked for Sheffield 1904, Atkin Bros., approx. 294g and 27.5cm long £80-120
206.    Sterling silver teapot with foliate repoussé decoration (lid hinge broken). Hallmarked for London 1901, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., total weight approx. 652g - together with another silver-plated teapot £190-230
207.    WW2 Orilux trench torch in leather case (missing lens) £10-20
208.    Chinese carved jade figure and stand (with protective case) figure only, approx. 17cm high £80-120
209.    Three old teddy bears, largest with hump back and straw filled (approx. 28cm tall), together with a vintage clockwork horse toy and key (A/F) £25-50
210.    Two Chinese porcelain bowls with marks under £30-50
211.    Chinese carved wooden figures, brush pot and lacquered tray £30-50
212.    WW1 brass trench art book shaped lighter and a silver mustard spoon - London 1858 £20-40
214.    Large Persian style rug, 8' x 12' £80-120
217.    Royal Doulton stoneware tyg, c. 1925, impressed marks to base inc. "With W.T. Lamb & Sons compliments" £80-120
218.    Staffordshire lamb and a Royal Crown Derby Chaffinch £15-25
219.    Royal Copenhagen fox figurine, no. 1745 £80-120
220.    Russian etched green glass egg with incised gilt decoration of a three-masted sailing ship and "St. Petersburg" £40-60
221.    Small bronze figure of Ganesh, a bronze King Charles spaniel, a similar fox and a small pair of lidded oriental Cloisonné pots £100-150
222.    Chinese Republic period tea pot and two Republic bowls with covers and stands £100-150
223.    Three Chinese porcelain wall pockets £50-80
224.    Chinese porcelain three boxes and a bowl £30-50
225.    Set of five Chinese Canton porcelain boxes £150-200
226.    Mid century iridescent glass vase with swagged decoration marked Sanders & Wallace £20-40
227.    Set of five Chinese Canton boxes with figures decoration £200-250
228.    Pair of Chinese Republic smiley boy figures, 15cm high, impressed mark to base £200-300
229.    Pair of Japanese Ginbari vases with fishes decoration £30-50
230.    Chinese jade exotic bird on carved wood stand, 22cm £30-50
231.    Chinese Cloisonné box, 12cm x 7cm £40-60
232.    Chinese carved coconut and pewter tea set £100-150
233.    Chinese bronze libation cup/silk iron with jade handle and a pair of Chinese bronze storks on turtles £30-50
234.    6 various character jugs by Royal Doulton, inc. Britannia, The Gardener, Long John Silver, Henry Vlll, Henry Morgan, Sir Henry Doulton/Michael Doulton £50-70
235.    "Naught for your Comfort" Trevor Huddleston, signed 1st Edition with cover £15-30
236.    Rare Royal Doulton series ware Admiral Lord Nelson jug, 7" high, some crazing to base £40-60
237.    19th c. pewter ice-cream mould £15-30
238.    A signed copy of "Concorde" by Kenneth Owen £10-20
239.    Victorian Pedlar doll with baskets and contents £50-100
240.    Bronze greyhound figurine, 5" high £20-40
241.    Art Deco crystal glass bookend figure of a pouter pigeon (A/F), possibly designed by Steuben £20-40
242.    USSR porcelain figure of a leaping horse and a Lladro rabbit £10-15
243.    Beswick foal and a Hummel wren £10-15
244.    Large Beswick green pottery two-handled vase, 11" tall £30-50
245.    Post-war Bing & Grondahl of Copenhagen pottery vase with stylised Art Deco relief decoration, 12.5" tall, hairline crack £40-60
246.    Large Beswick ware two-handled vase, 12" tall £20-30
247.    "Inside Out - a personal history of Pink Floyd" by Nick Mason (drummer of Pink Floyd), dedicated and signed by the author £20-40
248.    Signed team photo of New Zealand All Blacks, inc. Ian Smith, W.J. Whineray, K. Briscoe et al £20-30
249.    Good postcard collection inc. Edwardian and WW1, approx. 400 cards £50-80
250.    12 vols by Arthur Ransome, pub. Jonathan Cape - all Swallows & Amazons set £10-30
251.    Collection of art books particularly landscape watercolour artists £15-30
252.    12 Len Deighton novels and a Folio Society boxed set of 5 Sherlock Holmes short stories £10-30
253.    Postcard collection - all American £20-30
254.    Collection of local interest books and postcards £10-20
255.    Two 19th c. watercolour paintings of Fort of Sopur, Kashmir on the Jhelum, India, signed and dated verso 1855 £30-50
256.    Four 1st Editions of Thomas the Tank Engine, another and all signed by author, Rev. W. Awdry, inc. Troublesome Engines, The Three Railway Engines, Henry the Green Engine, Tank Engine Thomas Again and James the Red Engine £80-120
257.    A large Beswick matt glazed china elephant figure, 15" long £60-80
258.    "The Watchmakers Lathe and how to use it", Donald Le Carle and two others £10-20
259.    19th c. Spanish majolica pottery figure of a blackamoor water carrier, impressed mark for Gracia of Granada, 9.5" tall £40-60
260.    Chinese carved soapstone figure of an Immortal, a Japanese soapstone figure of a geisha and two Chinese carved soapstone parchment weights having entwined dragons to top £80-120
261.    "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss, UK 1st Edition (1958) £15-30
262.    "The Villiers Engine" by Browning and various engineering books and booklets £10-20
263.    Chinese carved hardwood buddha (A/F) and two oriental carved resin figures £20-30
264.    Pre-Columbian vessel, a South America two-handled pot and two African clay pipe bowls £20-30
265.    Modern Chinese porcelain stickstand £15-30
266.    Bundle of walking sticks, inc. African hardwood and a horn handled riding crop with silver collar, hallmarked for Birmingham 1902 - maker "S.M." £20-30
267.    Collection of linen backed and other road maps in Bartholomews and Edward Stanford, etc. £20-30
268.    Large oriental bronze censer £50-80
269.    Large majolica-type jardiniere, studio pottery vase by Bennets of Hastings and four other pieces £30-50
270.    Tall blue glass lily vase, a cranberry glass bell and another £10-20
271.    Maling lustre bowl 8.5" diameter £20-40
272.    Collection of 8 glass vases and jugs, inc. Bristol blue, ruby and cranberry and an unusual 19th c. rummer with roll top £40-60
273.    Bristol blue glass wine glass, two similar bottles and a tall clear wine glass with twist stem £50-70
274.    Falcon Ware character jug, three Bristol green wine glasses and others £10-20
275.    Tiffany-type light shade and two others £20-30
276.    Group of oriental figures, three Chinese porcelain wall pockets and Imari plates £30-50
277.    Chinese Yixing tea set on tray with teapot having Foo dog in lid £40-60
278.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins plate and group of Wedgwood Beatrix Potter design cups, bowls and plates £20-30
279.    Dresden painted porcelain basket dish, small similar pot pourri and other china (12 items) £30-60
280.    Elizabeth Frink studio original photocopy, together with a brush ink portrait of Elizabeth Frink by George Cooper dated 1965 £50-100
281.    Collection of assorted small boxes, inc. Mauchline Ware pocket watch box, cotton reel boxes, tins and others (11) £20-30
282.    Collection of smoker's pipes, razors, lighters, etc. £10-15
283.    Copeland china tazza and plates, Paragon china plates and bone china tea ware £20-40
284.    Victorian pillar shop scales with ceramic and iron centre column, brass pan weights and transfer printed slab £50-100
285.    Large Chinese Republic figure of an Immortal with impressed mark to base, 48cm high £100-150
286.    Two Chinese bronze vases (37cm and 26cm) £50-80
287.    Large collection of Chinese bowls and covers, inc Republic period pieces £100-200
288.    Chinese blue and white strainer, three blue and white plates and seven various Chinese vases £30-50
289.    Victorian light oak Lazy Susan £50-70
290.    Two Chinese blanc de chine Guanyin figures £100-200
291.    19th c. Chinoiserie lacquer sewing box £80-120
292.    Chinese bronze vase with flared rim, incised calligraphy decoration and seal mark to base, 27cm tall £40-60
293.    Two Winstanley china cats £20-30
294.    Oak box with inset brass handles and an oak sewing chest £15-30
295.    Apprentice piece oak side table with single drawer £20-40
296.    Arch topped cast iron fireback with royal coat of arms in relief £40-60
297.    Four Chinese relief wall pockets, inc. one with figures (one A/F) £30-50
298.    Pair of S. American silver-plated stirrups, c. 1880's £30-50
299.    Henri Selmer No.II saxophone with accessories in case £40-60
300.    Mid-century chrome and smoked glass coffee table by Durlston Designs (Robert Welch?) £40-60
301.    Assorted military and scouting paper ephemera £20-30
302.    Very large glass lily vase (39") on brass and wood base, a George Washington commemorative glass chopper and an unusual millefiori glass paperweight in the form of a teapot £40-60
303.    Georgian mahogany chest of drawers (2 over 3) with oval brass plate handles on bracket feet, 42.5" wide x 37.5" high x 19" deep, with later mirror top £80-120
304.    Six 19th c. lustre ware cups and saucers £15-30
305.    Studio pottery - an earthenware tree with lovers and acorns by local potter L. Stockley of Weymouth £20-40
306.    Painted cranberry glass bowl and jug, jam pot, sugar sifters and other Edwardian glass £20-40
307.    Small three-tier oak bookshelves £5-10
308.    Modern beechwood bookshelves, 40" wide x 45" tall £30-40
309.    Kitsch lustre china mantle clock, the movement being flanked by two pigeons and another small Art Deco metal cased clock by Enfield £15-30
310.    1950's stove enamel companion set in the form of a knight in armour £10-20
311.    Assorted chinaware £10-15
312.    Six TG Green Cornishware plates, other blue and white plates, etc. and an Adams "Cries of London" bowl (2 shelves) £20-30
313.    Large classically inspired urn shaped painted plaster lamp standard base having lions heads and swags £50-100
314.    Edwardian Regency-style mahogany serpentine fronted sideboard 59" long £50-100
315.    Continental ormolu, bronze and marble clock garniture set by Imperial, the clock being flanked by bronze putti and the candle holders being 27" tall £350-600
316.    Abstract African carved ebony figure, 19" tall £15-30
317.    Mahogany oval dressing table stool £10-15
318.    Tall two-door display cabinet in limed beech finish £40-50
319.    Four pieces of continental art glass inc. iridescent paperweight £50-70
320.    A John Ditchfield "Glasform" lustre glass cylindrical vase, 10" tall and a Ditchfield "Glasform" bottle vase £80-120
321.    An Okra glass vase with swirls decoration and an Isle of Wight glass pot £20-40
322.    Bristol blue glass cornucopia wall pocket, a Bristol blue glass pestle and mortar and two vases £30-50
323.    Three Art Glass vases, 2 signed and 1 A/F £30-50
324.    A small Gozo glass vase and 3 others £40-60
325.    Georgian mahogany toilet mirror £20-30
326.    Collection of china and other souvenirs from M.V. Victoria and Cunard NPC cruises. Together with two Lo Scricciolo ceramic figures of a man and lady with a hat after Duso or Morelli together with a large collection of other china and porcelain figurines £40-60
327.    Assorted glassware on one shelf, inc. two decanters £15-30
328.    Assorted old woodworking tools and a blow lamp £20-30
329.    Metal bound barrel and a two-tier occasional table £10-15
330.    Two Art Nouveau-style desk lamps and a cut glass table lamp £20-40
331.    Oak wall mirror with glove drawer and a Windsor & Newton plein air easel £10-20
332.    Vintage glass inc. jelly moulds, Murano cockerel dish, etc. £10-20
333.    Studio pottery, inc. pieces by Mo Hamid, DM, etc. £10-20
334.    Pottery jardiniere, floral chamberpot, etc. £10-20
335.    Swindon Town Football Club programmes (11) 1969-1970 £10-20
336.    Darlington Football Club programmes (7), early 1950's £15-30
337.    Crystal Palace Football Club programmes (10), 1950's £20-40
338.    Large quantity of Portsmouth Football Club programmes (approx. 90), mainly 1970's - a few 1950's £40-60
338A.   1960's Fine Art magazines, inc. Studio International Arts of Asia (1980's) and Art International (23 in all) £10-20
339.    Three vintage wooden scratchbuilt models of boats £15-30
340.    The Cube teapot made by George Clews for use on the Queen Mary and other Cunard ships, a Tuscan China Cunard Souvenir teapot and an unusual shaped floral painted teapot £30-50
341.    Olivewood covered photo album, handmade (possibly Trench Art) brass cribbage board, brass whist marker, brass hourglass and a Rolls Razor in original box, etc. £30-50
342.    Box containing vintage costume jewellery £10-20
343.    Box of turned wooden items and silver-plate, metalware, etc. £10-20
344.    Chest of three drawers with formica top £10-20
345.    Vintage coloured glass, inc. large blue cut glass vase, Wade dishes, etc. £10-20
346.    Edwardian mahogany three-tier wall shelf £15-25
347.    Small bookcase containing a collection of miniature books by Shakespeare £15-30
348.    A Sligh of America grandfather clock with cable wound triple chime movement, Westminster, Whittington and St. Michael. Polished brass weights and lyre pendulum. Moon phase dial and bevelled glass door £500-1000
349.    Leather case containing coins £15-30
350.    Mahogany box and interesting contents, inc. opera glasses, compacts, lacquer spectacles case, jewellery, sewing related, etc. £25-40
351.    Box containing playing cards, some advertising, tinplate toys, miniature pack of cards in wallet, etc. £15-30
352.    Large glass chandelier £25-40
353.    Pair of Edwardian carved oak dining chairs with tapestry style upholstery £20-40
354.    Victorian brass corinthian column oil lamp with glass reservoir and etched shade £40-60
355.    Box of vintage wrist watches, and inc. bejewelled meerkat! £10-20
356.    Large quantity of silver-plated cutlery, inc. boxed sets and a part canteen of Oneida flatware £20-40
357.    Collection of loose stamps £10-30
358.    Silver-plated cutlery, miniature cannons, carved soapstone dishes, etc. £10-20
359.    Police and fishing interest, old mahogany weighted truncheon shaped priest, lighters and pocket or pen knives £15-30
360.    Vintage Realist bakelite stereoscopic viewer in box £10-20
361.    19th c. wall clock with Tunbridge ware style inlay (A/F) £10-20
362.    Schoolboy stamp albums and loose stamps £15-25
363.    Late Victorian carved oak dresser, the upper section having shelves and central cupboard over two carved doors standing on cabriole legs, 54" wide x 73" tall £80-120
364.    Vintage costume jewellery, inc. bead necklaces £10-20
365.    Rococo style brass desk stand with integral letter rack, inkwells and pen tray £12-20
366.    German stoneware Westerwald type steins and jugs x 5 together with a vase £20-30
367.    Aitchinson of London binoculars in tan leather case £30-40
368.    Royal Albert china tea set in the Masquerade pattern (couple of hairlines) £20-40
369.    Victorian ash and elm smoker's bow armchair £30-50
370.    Art Deco Sylvac terrier, character jugs, etc. £15-30
371.    Kitchen treen, a turned fruitwood storage jar or barrel, another wooden pot and a carved elephant £15-25
372.    Box containing retro dolls, jewellery, Danish wooden Viking, Art Deco ship cruet set, etc. £10-20
373.    Five albums containing vintage postcards £20-40
374.    Set of four Art Nouveau tube lined fireplace tiles £25-40
375.    Vintage tooled leather Asprey triple layered cutlery canteen lined with velvet £30-50
376.    Two blue and white Chinese porcelain ginger jars, a similar coverted to a lamp base, Cloisonné pot, etc. £30-50
377.    Vols I and II of The Dictionary of the English Language by Robert Gordon Latham - leather bound and dated 1866 £20-40
378.    Assorted hardback fiction books £10-30
379.    WW2 naval binoculars by Barr & Stroud with case (with impressed crows feet mark) £80-120
380.    Wade hatbox and other Whimsies, pen knives, bog oak letter opener, etc. £10-20
381.    Four volumes of Hutchinson's "Britain is Beautiful", three volumes "The British Isles", "VRI, Her Life and Empire" and "Home - New Directions in World Architecture and Design" £15-30
382.    Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, 39 issues vols 60-93 (1938-1971) lacking one issue, no. 65 (1943) and 11 other later issues and related material £10-15
383.    9 hardback volumes of A History of Painting by MacFall (early 20th c.), and a 10 volume set of the Encyclopedia of Visual Art 1989, together with The Modern Shotgun by Major Sir Gerald Burrard 1947 £20-40
384.    Victorian floral painted tea set, a pair of Arts & Crafts chintz Crown Ducal floral vases, etc. £25-50
385.    Quantity of photos of The Beatles (reproduction) £10-20
386.    Vintage Hohner Student 80 black accordion in case £50-80
387.    Art Deco style children's toy tea set printed with nursery rhymes, and an Art Nouveau style Collingwood china coffee set £15-30
388.    Poole Pottery otters and dormouse figures. Royal Doulton Anais Anais perfume by Cacharel vase, etc. £15-30
389.    Pair of Staffordshire mantle spaniels, two flatback figural groups, and antique Wedgwood jasperware cylinder spill vases £30-50
390.    Sylvie Nisbet Studio pottery Adam and Eve wall plaque (A/F), Price Kensington chicken egg crock, shop scales slab, with other ceramics £20-50
391.    Collection of life drawings on foolscap paper from an artist's studio (14). Vendor purports that they originate from the studio of sculptor Elisabeth Frink £30-50
392.    Assorted old photographs, some military, inc. photos of WW1 soldier, ephemera etc. £30-50
393.    Arts & Crafts style oak cheval mirror £15-30
394.    Victorian snap-top mahogany breakfast table, centre column on tri-platform £30-50
395.    Harlequin set of four mahogany balloon back dining chairs £30-50
396.    Victorian mahogany table cabinet with galleried top and two drawers £25-40
397.    Large carved Black Forest bear A/F, a tribal mask, and carved wooden Anri old woman £15-30
398.    Collection of vintage costume jewellery £10-20
399.    Box containing interesting old items, metalware and brassware, inc. badges, escutcheons, tooth, etc. £10-20
400.    Victorian plant stand £10-20
401.    Three wooden jewellery boxes £10-20
402.    Large refectory-style draw leaf dining table on carved legs £60-100
403.    Pair of Chinese lacquer cabinets having two drawers above double doors £100-200
404.    Old Indo-Persian niello style scabbard walking stick £50-100
405.    Autographed photos of Roger Moore and Jack Charlton together with a 1st Day Cover signed by David Attenborough, C.O.A's £30-50
406.    Mauchline Ware cigarette box - "made of wood grown on the lands of Abbotsford", a Victorian souvenir box with print of The Castle, Seaton, two silver sugar tongs, and other items £30-50
407.    Victorian brass bound oak coal box with bellows, etc. £10-20
408.    Copper tea urn £30-50
409.    Large canteen of Kings Pattern cutlery made by Slack & Barlow, inc. extras - steak knives, grapefruit spoons, fisheaters, etc. £50-100
410.    Collection of assorted film annuals, scrap books and vintage Vogue knitting patterns £20-30
411.    Quantity of costume jewellery £10-15
412.    Quantity of costume jewellery £10-15
413.    Victorian ash and elm scroll arm pub armchair £40-60
414.    Assorted costume jewellery, etc. £10-15
415.    Quantity of vintage wrist watches £20-30
416.    Tin of various fountain and other pens, inc. Parker etc. £20-30
417.    Vintage Lloyd Loom style corner laundry basket or blanket box £10-20
418.    19th c. Indian bamboo parasol painted with elephants and figures and two vintage ladies umbrellas £15-30
419.    Beswick horse "The Winner" £30-40
420.    Royal Doulton stoneware jardiniere £15-25
421.    Royal Doulton "Enchanting Evening" figurine, two Spode china vases and two other items £15-30
422.    Moorcroft vase "Pole to Pole" of Seals 2007 pattern, 8.5" tall £100-200
423.    Swedish Rorstrand Art Nouveau porcelain vase, most likely designed by Nils Emil Lundstrom, c. 1910 £50-80
424.    Moorcroft lidded bowl, 7" diameter £60-100
425.    Large 18th c. Worcester bowl with chinoiserie painted decoration (hairline crack), 9" diameter £150-200
426.    Chinese blue and white porcelain brush washer, 9cm square. Together with a Chinese Guang Xu blue and white teapot £100-150
427.    Three antique Bristol blue glass eye baths and similar paperweight £30-50
428.    Tall Royal Doulton stoneware vase with tube lined floral decoration by Maud Bowden, 13" £30-50
429.    William Moorcroft vase with green WM backstamp £50-100
430.    William Moorcroft Magnolia vase, 12.5" tall, green painted mark £100-200
431.    William Moorcroft vase, 8" tall, green painted mark to base and matching small bowl £80-120
432.    no lot
433.    Victorian ribbed glass glug-glug decanter with silver collar, marked for 1897 London, maker N.M., 12" tall £100-200
434.    Britains boxed set "The Royal Marines" and five guards on horseback £15-30
435.    Box of assorted silver-plate and others £5-15
436.    Salter Trade Spring balance - 200lb x 1lb £10-20
437.    Presentation souvenir broadsword inscribed "The Columbus Sword" mounted on mahogany backboard, 4ft long £50-100
438.    Edwardian inlaid mahogany two-door china cabinet £40-60
439.    Box of assorted metalware, inc. chrome ice bucket, etc. £10-15
440.    Victorian jelly mould, majolica plate, Poole vase and other china £10-15
441.    Assorted items of glassware, etc. £5-10
442.    Two Crown Devon tureens and plates, similar milk jug and other china £5-10
443.    Spode Flemish green dinner service and other pottery £5-10
444.    Pair of small painted chests of drawers, wooden plane model, a barometer, some 8-track tapes and a fez! £10-15
445.    Two shelves of miscellaneous china, etc. £5-10
446.    Cast iron fire grate and fire back made by The Forge, Bridport £5-15
447.    Box of assorted small framed prints and watercolours £10-20
448.    Assorted pictures inc. oleograph of a watermill by E. Thomas £5-15
449.    Galvanised steel boat anchor with triple flukes, two other anchors and a vice £15-30
450.    Assorted crockery and a candle holder £5-10
451.    Box of miscellaneous items £5-10
452.    Box of miscellaneous items £5-10
453.    Victorian copper coal helmet, two skillets, copper funnel, soda syphon, etc. £20-30
454.    Assorted cutlery and silver-plate £5-10
455.    Bourne Denby Cotswold dinner service £10-20
456.    Assorted engravings inc. "Tired Gypsies" after George Morland £5-15
457.    A dresserful of china and glass, etc. £5-10
458.    Assorted ornaments, inc. bookends etc. £10-20
459.    Assorted china and pottery £5-10
460.    Rococo brass planter, copper kettle, brass jardiniere, etc. £15-20
461.    Salter's Improved circular spring balance and other brassware £5-10
462.    Brass servants water jug, painted tennis rackets, part croquet set and four cameras with a gas mask £15-30
463.    Four various ceramic table lamp bases and other lamps (10) £5-15
464.    Poole Pottery tea ware, etc. £5-10
465.    Japanese egg shell porcelain tea set and pottery vases, etc. (4 shelves) £10-20
466.    Ruby glass basket, four china jugs, etc. £10-20
467.    Two shelves of commemorative mugs and beakers £5-15
468.    Yacht's flag pole with naval burgee banner flag £10-15
469.    Two wood and steel cartwheels £20-40
470.    Pair of wooden oars £10-15
471.    Metal garden table and two chairs £10-15
472.    Two galvanised watering cans with roses and three buckets £15-30
473.    Pair of old decorator's trestles £10-20
474.    Four various honey extractors/separators with two smokers £40-60
475.    Oak office desk £10-20
476.    Oak filing drawers £10-20
477.    Old petrol can and garden sprayer £5-10
478.    Quantity of assorted prints £5-10
479.    Pair of late 19th c. naive oil paintings on canvas of landscapes with figures and fat cows (in need of restoration), unsigned £50-100
480.    Victorian mahogany three-drawer chest £40-60
481.    19th c. walnut Davenport £100-150
482.    19th c. oak Library table with red leather inset top having two drawers £100-150
483.    1960's teak tea trolley £5-15
484.    Victorian brass bound rosewood writing slope and a red lacquer box £40-50
485.    Victorian snap-top occasional table with classical figures decoration to top £30-50
486.    Oak stick stand £10-20
487.    Early 20th c. stick-back office armchair £20-40
488.    2 crates of seashells £5-10